Stephanie is imagining a new art concept.

G SAK Barcelona1I’m working on a new painting/collage related to the “selfie” phenomena. It’s something to investigate, which is always part of my process as an artist. I don’t know where it will take me. It’s not “message” art, per say. I think of my projects as not disinterested but hardly partisan. For example, whatever my political affiliation or tendency at any given time, it is not irrelevant to my artwork, but pamphleteering is not what I’m doing when I make art. If my art lends itself too readily available for instrumental purposes or as some extraneous tool, I would likely feel I’d failed as an artist in that case. I’m not opposed to creating something “useful,” but making art is something different and should not be reduced to a “cause.” It is neither useful or useless – but perhaps it occupies some nether “middle” zone. If you’ve seen what I do at all, it could make sense.

Stephanie is entered in “Sunny Art Prize” competition, London, UK


The Sunny Art Prize is an international art competition hosted by Sunny Art Centre, London, UK.  Stephanie Karamitsos entered four of her most recent works: Ya Feel Me? 38″ x 44″; Some Parts Are Quite Touching. 24″ x 18″; There’s Always Room For It. 38″ x 44″; and What Becomes a Legend Most. 18” x 24”.

If selected (notification by 7/1/17), Stephanie will exhibit at the Sunny Art Centre, London (near the British Museum) from 1st August to 31th August 2017.  Additionally, a series of touring exhibitions will be staged at Sunnys’ partner venues across the U.K. and China (including the Haidian District Beijing Center, Guangzhou AIP Gallery, and the Blanc Art Gallery in Macau).

Video about Sunny Art Prize

We will keep you informed. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Exhibition: “Structural Layers” Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI

Stephanie Karamitsos is currently exhibiting ten (10) works at Buckham Gallery in Flint, MI through July 8, 2017.  Stephanie and Tom Kruse attended Buckham’s “Structural Layers” opening event on Friday, June 9th; along with 150+ local/Midwest art lovers.  Live music and refreshments certainly added to the vibe.  The following ten works are listed for sale and may be seen at and on Instagram at Stephanie_theArtist: Swine Profile, Cartographic Interior, Cartographic Caress, Cartographic Korea, Made It Up, Princess, Sunshine Map, Pain’s Labyrinth, Insecure Borders, Discount Divas.

Buckham Gallery Event Title with Stephanie.
Stephanie and Tom outside the gallery.
With a few of the guests.