Stephanie Karamitsos Practicing Chicago Artist

MOST RECENT WORK: Ya Feel Me Karamitsos 6-15-17
MOST RECENT WORK: “Ya Feel Me?” 2017

This website lets me offer a selective digital glimpse of a long and difficult journey making art.  It’s about coming into my own again through the path of time trailing back to 2011.  Perhaps I am a “re-emerging” artist in this sense.

There tends to be a consensus about art reproductions as somewhat sorry substitutes for the real thing.  However technically sophisticated in terms visual accuracy, reproductions are always inadequate for creating a true or fuller sense of the artwork.  I wonder if in my case, the insufficiency can hardly be overstated.  The layers and intricate detail imbedded in each piece often seem undetectable in facsimile.  As the creator, I may be oversensitive about this, of course.  In any case, the hope is that this preview of sorts is compelling enough to draw the viewer in enough to ask for more.  For me, the motivation to share some of my experience is key.  I really feel I’m learning all the time.  My work is about ongoing discoveries and their manifest accounts – the evidence of an evolving practice of making art.

Come back and visit often, as the site will be regularly updated.  And by all means, your comments, questions, and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Stephanie Karamitsos

2 thoughts on “Stephanie Karamitsos Practicing Chicago Artist

  1. Adrienne Ed Setsuko Finucane (Posted on Facebook, 7/19/17)
    “When I was at Stephanie and Tom’s place last night for the (Chicago Socialist Party’s) Strategic Planning meeting, I was staring at the amazing art on the walls. I later realized that a gorgeous painting I once bought for my parents years ago, which is still on their living room wall, was very clearly painted by none other than our comrade Stephanie! WILD.”


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